A Guide to B2C Lead Generation

Kalu Nkeiruka
4 min readMay 30
B2C lead generation strategies

B2C Lead Generation Strategies to Follow

Below is a breakdown of the best B2C lead generation strategies to follow:

  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Email Marketing

This is one of the most effective ways to generate leads. You can use email marketing to promote your products and show offers and discounts. The email marketing platform you use can assist you in acquiring leads and ensuring that you convert them to sales-qualified leads. One benefit of email marketing is that you can track your consumer’s behaviors by evaluating the click-through and conversion rates of your emails.

Other benefits of email marketing include:

  • Personalization: Email marketing offers personalization. You can send emails to a particular group of audiences based on the latest product offer, the customer’s needs, and the target market.
  • Efficiency: When compared with other online marketing practices, email marketing provides one of the best ROIs. You can reach a large number of your target audience with one email campaign.
  • Optimization: Email marketing allows optimization. You can measure results after sending the emails. You evaluate this by checking the click-through and conversion rates. Email campaigns are measured immediately after sending them out.
  • Reach: You can reach many of your leads with email marketing.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

As its name implies, search engine marketing deals with anything related to search engines, e.g. Google, Bing. When people need a problem addressed or a product or service, their first line of action is to use search engines. For this purpose, you need to improve your search engine marketing efforts. You can generate leads for your business with the right link and offers.

Search engine marketing strategies include Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization

There are several factors you need to take into account when it comes to your search engine optimization efforts. You need to keep keyword research in mind, take the technical requirements of your website seriously, and provide relevant content that will rank your website organically.

Search Engine Advertising

SEO is a long-term process. If you wish to speed things up, you need search engine advertising; it is also known as PPC advertising. You generate traffic to your website by placing ads on Google result pages.

Some benefits of search engine marketing include:

  • An increase in online visibility: Search engine remains the best way to reach a large audience. Many people use search engines to make better buying or hiring decisions. Putting your business online will bring more customers to you.
  • Qualified leads: SEM provides results to users based on their search terms. Search engine users cannot see a website or an ad that is not related to what they are looking for. By providing relevant information on your website or ad, you get qualified leads.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Search engine marketing is cost-effective. You can control how much you spend on ads daily, weekly, and annually.
  • Measure results: Google Analytics and search console allow you to measure the traffic you receive from your website every day.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an effective B2C marketing strategy to follow. When used correctly, social media can be a powerful tool to reach prospects and convert them into customers. There are several ways to reach prospects on social media. You can reach them organically or with a paid option. While organic reach provides you with loyal followers, paid reach allows you to share your content with a lot of prospects at a time.

Some benefits of social media marketing include:

  • A large audience: Social media has become part of everyone’s life today. As a business, you need to choose the right social platforms that your audience uses the most. You will then target them at once using engaging content.
  • Personalization: You can personalize content for your target market. You can jump on trends related to your industry and create content that your audience will love.
  • Builds customer loyalty: When you use social media correctly, you can build a personal and loyal relationship with your prospects.

Content Marketing

This is an effective lead generation strategy to use for customers. Content marketing cuts across creating relevant and engaging content for your target market on different social media platforms and creating ebooks and whitepapers on your websites. It is a fine way to build trust and loyalty with customers.

But how do you use content marketing to generate leads?

You can create content like blogs, videos, podcasts, and ebooks and ask your target market to provide their personal information in exchange for this content.

Some benefits of content marketing are:

  • Different distribution options: Your created content can be distributed in different media. Also, you can refurbish old content and update it with current information. For instance, an old blog post can be updated with the latest information and created as an infographic for social media.
  • Sustainability: Helpful and relevant content can build trust in your readers or listeners and slowly they would go from leads to long-term customers.
  • Informative: If you want your website or social media platform to be a source of important information, it is wise to keep creating valuable content your prospects want. This will improve your reach and online visibility.

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