How to Make Money Through YouTube

Kalu Nkeiruka
2 min readJul 18

YouTube has about 1.9 billion users that log in to the platform every month. This means half of the internet uses the app. At the same time, there are about 500 hours of content posted on YouTube every minute. People from around the globe watch hundreds of millions of hours every day on YouTube.

How can you join others in making money on this platform?

Keep reading to find out.

Join the YouTube Partner Program

The first revenue stream you’ll likely explore is ads. So, keep creating content so you can qualify for the program. To qualify for the YPP, you must:

  • have 1000 subscribers
  • 4000 watch hours over the years
  • Create an Adsense account
  • and compiled with the rules and regulations of the YouTube community

Sell Merchandise

You can sell different print-on-demand products on your channel. From t-shirts, to tote bags and coffee mugs, the ball is in your court. Creating merchandise brings exposure to your brand. Of course, you would have already established your brand in the minds of your subscribers so it will be quite easy to sell to them.

Crowdfund Creative Projects

Do you have a big project that will require a lot of funds? Then you can ask your subscribers to help you contribute to the project. People are willing to contribute if you offer value to them so make sure your content is engaging, compelling, and has value.

License your Content

You never can tell when your video will go viral so it is wise to license your videos on time. This way, you get paid money in exchange of your content.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions after people buy a product from your affiliate link. You can become an affiliate marketer for brands and create content that advertises their products in a creative manner.

In Summary

You have a lot of online content ideas to offer as a YouTuber. If you want a full guide on how to make money on YouTube, please read this comprehensive guide here:

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