Is it Really a 'New' Year?

Kalu Nkeiruka


I get the frenzy, the fireworks, the lovers moment, the scientific angle, the religious craze, or the list of endless ‘not to follow’ resolutions.

I get it all, but what I don’t get is why you would think the next day would be special just because it has a different date or different year attached to it.

You cannot change within 24 hours. Don’t let anyone deceive you. No day is new, its just a continuation of an endless cycle. Yes, the earth completed its revolution but did anything change except the date?

I might be a party spoiler or whatever, but sorry to burst y’all bubbles.. Nothing is new when you are not.

Now, instead of celebrating one day as if the remaining 364 3/4 days in the year cannot also be called a new year, try to look at everyday of your life as a new slate, a new day to become great. A new day to achieve your goals. May 23rd can be your new year day (The day you decide to change you) or even Friday the 13th can be the day.

My whole point is this; every day in a different year is a new year. Choose the date you would change your life forever. ✌🏿