My Failed Love Story (Chapter 0.5)

My Failed Love Story (Chapter 0.5)


Kalu Nkeiruka
4 min readFeb 28, 2023


I stood from my bed and looked at the big vanity mirror dad recently bought me. Dive by Ed-Sheeran the popular British musician played in the background.

‘Before I dive right into your arms’

“Nene, Nene; a voice called, Are you not preparing for school? What are you still doing? This girl… Mom added as she barged into my room.

My clothes were half-packed in the luggage. Mom started folding the remaining clothes into the bags as fast as she could

“Did your dad give you enough money for the trip?” She asked me as she continued folding the clothes.

“Yes, he did” I said as I still looked sternly at my mirror reflection. Many thoughts ran through my mind.

“So, what’s the problem, honey? Is it because you are in your finals?” She dropped the last cloth and closed the luggage. Afterward, she sat close to me on the bed.

“What exactly is your problem, my baby?” Mom said as she touched me lightly on my shoulders.

“I…; I paused. I really had no tangible reason to feel this way. Like a failure. Why did I even agree to that stupid bet? Well, at least I tried.

Mom looked at me. She knew I wouldn’t give her the answers she wanted no matter how many times she asked or relented.

“You are just like your father. Stubborn for nothing. Anyway, I already packed the foodstuff into the bags. It’s in the kitchen. Get ready so I can drive you to the motor park”

“Ok mommy”

I looked at myself once more in the mirror and said out loud: “At least, you tried”

So, my name is Nene Akpofure. I am from Warri but I live in Asaba. I know the entire notion you may have of me right now is that I speak only Pidgin English or I am a razz individual. While both notions are correct, I am also a gentle eloquent person, at least, that’s what my Uncles and Aunts used to say.

I am the pride of my father and my mother when she is in a good mood, which is all the time. My dad will always brag about how great his daughter is to everyone. At work, at his big family functions, and even at their church.

I go to school in Ibadan which is a long distance away from home. I intentionally chose a long distance because I do not want disturbance from my overly concerned parents.

I am an only child and a daddy’s girl.

Now, this is not why my mom saw me sighing on the bed or why I was looking sternly at my mirror for no reason. The reason is my friends…School friends. The first friends I made when I entered school.

So during my freshman year in school, I made some really crazy friends in my hostel. I intentionally stayed off-campus because I don’t like having roommates and met these crazy boys I bonded with and became like a little sister to them. (This is technically incorrect because I am older than some but… well)

Back to my story, my friends and I always have bets or dares we set for ourselves. Most are educational. There was one time we had a dare that anyone with a CGPA less than 4.0 will buy food for the rest of us throughout the semester. But other times, like this time, we had a really crazy and unnecessary bet.

So like the nerdy geniuses we were, we hadn’t really had time for love or romance in school. Just some cool kids that only know books and occasionally play video games. One day, one of our comrades found love and left us. He literally left us which made us mad. But we moved on.

Then, one day, for no reason before most of us left for our industrial training, we had a bet to find love. It was a crazy bet no one asked for but I was one of the first to concur with it.

I thought it would be easy. I mean I had a whole seven months but here I was without finding any. For some reason, I have a feeling I am the only one who failed. But one thing I do know about my crew of brains and mischiefs is that we synchronize so badly… or so I thought.