Top 5 Best Business Ideas for 2023

Kalu Nkeiruka
2 min readApr 17
Online markrting has made starting a business easy.

It is highly important that you start a business now. Since online marketing became a thing, you are more likely to get more sales in any business venture you start than before. So what business ideas should you start this 2023?

Here are 5 profitable business ideas that shouldn’t pass you by this 2023:

  • Become a freelancer
  • Become a virtual assistant
  • Become an affiliate marketer
  • Become a social media marketer
  • Launch a subscription box

Become a Freelancer

You may have heard of freelancing before but never thought about how. A freelancer is an independent contractor who earns wages on a per-job or per-task basis, typically for short-term work. A freelancer is a self-employed labourer and monetizes his/her skills.

Depending on the skills you have, you can earn more than $50 per hour. If you have not considered monetizing your skills, now is the best time to do so.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Before businesses started going digital, we had personal assistants at physical offices doing several tasks like scheduling meetings, making important business calls and doing other administrative tasks for business owners. Today, virtual assistants are slowly replacing personal assistants. This business idea is very lucrative and there are several virtual assistant marketplaces you can pitch your business in. You can earn up to $15 per hour in this business model.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Contrary to what people might think, affiliate marketing is very lucrative. Affiliate marketing involves selling products for a brand and earning a commission percentage through this. You can read this guide by HubSpot on how to do this.

Become a Social Media Marketer

As already mentioned, online marketing has made starting a small business easy and achievable. Many businesses want to market their products or services online; the best way is through social media.

This is where you will come in as a social media marketer. You help businesses of different sizes grow in their social media efforts. You can take free online courses on how to become a social media marketer to get started.

Launch a Subscription Box

This is a new business model that is going to keep growing as the years go by. The idea of a subscription box service is to deliver a particular product package to customers periodically. You can launch a subscription box on any niche. It could be related to women’s hygiene items or cooking.


Starting a business right now is very essential. Even if you are currently working, you can always try any of the above business ideas as a side hustle. So what are you waiting for?

For a more detailed guide on this, read this article.

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