zAPI AI — a New AI API Marketplace in Town

Kalu Nkeiruka


I might not know much about tech, but I do know enough to know when something is right, fresh, and innovative. This is why I decided to review ZAPI AI today, after a long hiatus from writing tech blogs. So, what does zAPI AI do?

zAPI is an AI API marketplace that connects AI API developers to their consumers. These consumers include organizations and mobile applications/software developers.

According to the goals of zAPI, they created the marketplace to help developers who faces challenges when choosing the right AI APIs for their projects. They also said that their platform is user-friendly and AI APIs on the marketplace are easily accessible and cam be compared.

Finally, zAPI says that they have a wide range of AI APIs that is ranked based on category, price, and provider.

This specific descriptions will allow consumers to get the best AI API for project and also AI developers can make their APIs accessible to many consumers.

For now, AI APIs on zAPI marketplace is free and accessible to all.

So I went to the marketplace to confirm if these goals were true and plausible.

Here are some of my findings:

  • The homepage is easy to navigate. The AI APIs were sectioned based on their categories. You can deduce which is for what. However, there was nothing about price because the APIs are free for all for now.
  • Also, the subscription plan looked affordable and when it becomes active, I am sure developers will like it.
  • There are limited AI APIs on the platform. I believe there is need to add more to the catalogue.

Overall, zAPI marketplace is a good step in the right direction for AI APIs integration. If you are a developer, you can register your AI APIs now. Besides, it is free to register and you will get the exposure you deserve. Also, organizations can use the APIs for their AI integration project.